Category: Our Goat Operation

The Farm:
60 Hectares of which 40 Hectares is clay hill,and 20 hectares is alluvial flats.
The Angoras are run on 30 hectares of the hill,with the balance of the land being used to run cattle or growing maize crops for the local dairy industry.
Rainfall is typically 1600mm to 1800mm per annum,with most falling between April and September(Winter).
Temperatures range from 25deg C in summer down to 8deg C in winter.No frost as next to the ocean.
Goat flock at 1 Jan 2015: 150 does,60 doe hoggets (1yr) and 160 kids.10bucks.

The year planner.

January–Crutch any stains in doe mob
Prepare for sale and Open Day .Pedigrees and fleecectests etc.
Monitor kids for worm burdens
Open day 17th
Sale Pukekohe 18th
Shearing c,24th?

Feb. Wean kids 2 weeks post shearing onto saved oats/chicory.
Pump bucks a little pre mating
Dip 4-6 wks post shearing
Start flushing does end Feb.
Sort mating lists
March Bucks with Does 15th
Weaned kids on best feed
April Bucks out 8th
Sweeper in on 15th
Weaned kids start supplements to adjust gut.

May Feeding everything as best poss.

June Sorting Buck kids for potential/wethering
July Shearing.Fleece samplingUsing Trees and rough areas while in short hair

August Kidding starts mid Aug.
Sept End of Kidding
Oct Spring-monitor worms in Hoggets espec.
Nov Push Does and Kids on the Chicory/planta and Oats/lotus
Dec Whew!