Pre Kidding Progress

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3 Responses

  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you for your information
    I am eager to build a shed for kidding and would appreciate some advice on structure, grating and layout that has proved successful for others
    Could you please assist?

    • David Brown says:

      Build pens to hold doe and kid together for a day or so until all bonded etc.Five foot by three foot is a good size .I have fifteen for 150 does kidding(ie 1 to 10) , but if your kidding is more spread out you can get away with a few less. I also have a sawdust floor for a kidding area which I use when the does are inside at night. I use untreated sawdust, not shavings. Shavings gets into mohair, and isnt as good as an absorbent in my view.I allow 10 square feet per doe. I usually “bag” the does and only put those likely to kid onto the sawdust so they have as much space as possible. The rest go onto grating areas which seem ok too, as the odd kid is born on the grating, but if its cold they will get chilled more easily there.

  2. Barbara says:

    Thank you for your reply
    I will give that a go this year.
    Kind regards Barbara

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