Pre Kidding Management

As kidding draws closer(doesn’t seem a year since the last lot were born!), its time for me to give my Does their vitamin ADE shots. Over the years I have found it a great “booster” or the young kids-birthweights up with higher survivability, mum milks well, and general kid health such as coccidia resistance etc is improved, with better growth rates. Its a cheap treatment,and worth doing. I do them 2 or 3 times and it helps in selenium deficient areas too as the effects of vit E and selenium are interwoven. I used to get some “limp” kids each year, but not since I started this. I have heard of iodine deficiency being implicated in this syndrome, but have no personal experience of that. I gave the Does their 5 in 1 booster for clostridial diseases a week ago, and have them on a rising nutritional plane. The last trimester of the pregnancy is an important time for follical development in the unborn kid, so I try to ensure that the Does are as well fed as possible – no follicle = no mohair from that patch of skin.To achieve good kid survival and growth rates I often provide small( 50-100 grams per day) amounts of pellitised feed to the does just before kidding – it adjusts their gut flora to the new feed if there is a storm so I can house them ,and gets them quiet and easy to handle.In the event that a particular doe has issues with bonding,milk/udder,etc it allows her to be penned for a few days on good feed as well. I use a feeder that has a narrow slot which requires the goat to lick the pellet out ,thus self limiting as they stop feeding once their tongue gets dry.
In this year(2016) we have had a mild winter and my does are in good condition,but I am feeding small amounts of mineralised pellets to them and it gets them real quiet to handle over the kidding period-nothing like a bit of cupboard love.

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